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Dragos Ionita


Congratulations on getting married!

I believe that family and love are the biggest part of what life is all about.

I happen to think that photography is one of the most important part to consider when you plan your wedding and I absolutely love that responsability.

Over the years I realized how important and meaningful a quick glance, a breath of anticipation and a squeeze of a hand can be. In those brief, subtle moments, I can capture the sweet, funny and unexpected changes that makes us so happy, for you to preserve forever those life changing moments when you make the biggest promise of your life.

Together You and I, will create images that stir every emotion, images that capture the very essence of your wedding day.

These pictures are supposed to trigger memories of authentic moments, so I want your wedding day to unfold naturally, without staging or controlling everything.

Your portraits will definitely be the most important ones, so I’ll give you lots of direction on how to stay relaxed. I believe in making a shoot fun and enjoyable for every person present.

Don’t worry, everyone is nervous about getting their photo taken and trust me I’ve heard that thousands of times, but there is not such thing as “I am not photogenic”.

I am not here to get Instagram likes, magazine features or photography awards, I am here to document the love  of two people and that feeling in the best possible way, capturing exceptional, timeless and breathtaking photographs.

Looking forward to documenting your wedding,


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